Supreme Court of the United States

This video sums up my final decision beautifully!

So as necessary as it is for me to be social media savvy or up on my current events, it is just something that does not come natural to me. So like most virtual trends… I was late on the red equal sign trend and had to do some searching and ask a fb friend what it was all about.

After being enlightened I contemplated on jumping on the bandwagon. Initially my inner rebellious nature to conformity said Hell No! My impulse justification declared that my love is not defined by the the courts, marriage is nothing but an institution and …well, you know how the rest of the rant goes.

But after further reflection I concluded that I would change my profile pic because:

  1. This is NOT about love but about benefits, rights, and privileges
  2. This IS a legit form of activism for my generation
  3. This is a cause that will probably affect me (depending on who I marry…I’ve been labeled a “pansexual”)
  4. This is my way of using my voice to contribute to a conversation that needs to be discussed

And yes this is the regular process I go through when attempting to change my profile picture lol


Did you change your pic, why or why not?