TBT: Little Me

This is one of my favorite pics of me…You cant see, but I’m wearing this fly sailor jumper and giving plenty personality as I crossed my legs with my hand on my hip!

This throwback inspired some reflection, as I am faced with the reality that my daughter is about to turn ONE. Along with the fact that my high school teachers are currently my employees (crazy weird). Whoever created the saying “time flies” I just want you to know that that’s a serious understatement!

When I look back, I’m thankful that I’m not who I was, blessed for who I am and grateful that the best me is yet to be!

Taking time to reflect and analyze my life, has been transformative in my growth. I am determined to not live my life in vain. I try not to value things as good or bad, but just as experiences that shape my understanding of life …As long as I am open to receiving them.

What was your last reflection about?

The Journey: Reflection


Self Reflection: Internal examination

Task: Find a quite space, set the mood so that you can center your energy (candles, lighting, music) and answer the following questions honestly, for your self!

Purpose:  Access your current state…where you are right now, at the beginning of your love journey

Tools: something to document your answers



Reflection 1: “Lift Off”



Alright Alright Alright (in my kevin heart voice lol) 

As day one comes to a close,  its time to REFLECT… you started off the day allowing yourself to simply observe YOU. Meaning you were conscious of the things you said, did, heard, and  thought in a very observant way. 

For example:  In the meeting this morning you made a “hmm” sound after learning that apparently adults learn by reflection. The significance was  that it was an authentic, automatic response to information that related to the core of what drives you (Wellness, learning styles, 30 day challenge…its a coincidence that this was a pretty relevant example…or is it? 🙂

That may seem like a super minimal detail in the day, BUT  the point is to PAY ATTENTION, like foreal foreal. We are so good at being luke warm about everything that it becomes the norm. To help me out today I adopted a mantra for this journey to keep my eye on the prize

“You are  Extraordinary” Not Ordinary 

OH YEAH!  So I call Day 1 “Lift Off” because its one of the songs that had me feeling myself during todays * Bonus life work…plus its kinda symbolic of the beginning of this journey!