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Natural Hair Dolls Oh My!

Natural Hair Dolls Oh My!

This discovery just gave me LIFE!!!

Natural Girls & Women United customizes natural hair dolls ranging from about $40- $140.

As a new mommy to a baby girl, it makes my heart smile to know that my Alana can and will (as soon as they lift the hold on orders) have dolls that represent her culture in an authentic way.

Being a brown beauty, in a white dominated society, it is no doubt challenging and definitely affects us in both a subconscious and conscious way. I college, I remember watching “A Girl like Me“, a video made by Kiri Davis in 2005 where she revisits the experiment done by Keeneth Clark in the 1940s.   In the experiment African-American children were asked to choose between black or white dolls and explain their preference.

A few days ago the gorgeous brown beauty Chime Edwards re-conducted this experiment relating it to natural hair, rather then skin color. She used a natural-haired doll and a straight-haired doll to see which doll’s hair type a group of Black children preferred.

All of the experiments are intriguing, but none of the results are surprising…Welcome to the reality we live in. Natural Girls & Women United provides an opportunity for brown beauties to embrace their sun kissed skin, and tangled tresses without doubt that they are totally DOPE!

Here’s one for the team! Keep ya head up and your hair nappy my lovely Brown Beauties




Niggers & Blessings in 2013

Disclaimer:  I am blatantly using the N word to make a point. Not meant to offend but to educate

So hear me out…

Yesterday was a beautiful day! I was a proud youth leader as the kids in my church killed the flash Mobb performance, dancing to Yolanda Adams “I Believe” for youth day. And instead of a sermon, we had Guy, who is a refugee from Darfuri speak to the congregation about his experience.

So to say the least I was in a pretty positive place after leaving service…  About 2 minutes later I was called a “Nigger” for the first time in my 24 years of life .

I wasn’t mad though…I was more like, really my dude! I understand you yelling “watch the sign” but why you have to add “NIGGER” to the end of the sentence? How is that even relevant to my driving ability?? (Replay of my exact thoughts)

As I continued to drive home I figured I guess I was lucky for it taking this long for the word to be directed specifically to me.  Still taken aback I wondered… What does it mean to be called a Nigger  in 2013? … While the First family is currently Black!?!

           It means covert racism and mental slavery is some genius ish! And we need to open our eyes before we end up back in time!

To be called a Nigger in 2013 was a blessing for me because …

  1. It touched a nerve and evoked an emotion
  2. It sent a message to my soul saying this is not right
  3. It motivated me to act as a way of responding

Actually hearing the word NIGGER… brought home the idea that mental slavery is so00 much more dangerous then being slaves in the field. It blinds us from the reality of our current situation and makes us complacent, content and comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Its why a majority of the black community is surviving instead of living.

It’s time we free ourselves from brokenness, illiteracy, systems, and dysfunctional family cycles.  Educate ourselves so we can be advocates for our community and let go of that Government “assistance” that has become our modern day master!

I’m tankful that white man felt compelled to call me a Nigger.  What homeboy didn’t know, was that I’m not your average N*****! Though he didn’t make me angry, he did fuel me to fulfill my purpose,  in educating these brown beauties out here that we STILL have work to do and something to prove!

We have to prove that…

  1. Our ancestors did not get jailed, beat, abused, raped and killed in vain
  2. We are capable of all things & no weapon formed against us shall prosper
  3. Our mind can beat their words if we are committed to educating it
  4. We deserve the best and we wont settle for less when it comes to justice

So thank you Mr. White man,  I was getting a little to comfortable in this utopian, liberal facade called Madison Wisconsin. I promise you every brown girl that crosses my path will have an opportunity to be apart of the REVOLUTION…And believe it will not be televised.

Run tell that!

When was the first time you were called the N word?

I’m a proud 80’s baby, 90’s kid and TLC was without a doubt one of my favorite groups growing up! I’m pretty proud of the music I listened to back in the day… Maybe options were just better then, but it seems like the music I listened to was about girl empowerment and spreading a positive message… as apposed to, well…the alternative.

This trio deserves mention for seizing the opportunity to influence and empower the lives of the young women who listened to their music…Like ME

TionneT-BozWatkins,   LisaLeft EyeLopes,  RozondaChilliThomas

Tionne+TBozleft eyechili

 Crazy – Sexy – Cool

Why they were the

How could you not  this iconic group? They were fearless in being original with their baggy,” boyish” bright clothes and resilient advocate efforts for safe sex and equality for young girls!  PROOF, that you don’t have to wear tight skimpy outfits to be heard or seen.

The journey to confidence

 Self-confidence was a rocky journey for all three singers; each had to go through some trials to embrace it before they could promote it. Each attributed the struggle to her father’s limitations as a parent (an all too familiar reality still today).  Lopez had an abusive father wile T-Boz & Chilli had fathers that were absent in their lives.

Girl empowerment message

The trio was intentional on the message they sent to young women. The group was uncompromisingly frank about sexuality—insisting that women can make the moves and draw the lines. But ultimately the most important thing was making sure that a young woman had high self-esteem and self-determination.

Last days of left eye

 On April 25, 2002 at the age of 30, left-eye was killed when she lost control while driving. She was in Honduras with family and friends on a 30-day spiritual retreat. Footage she took with a hand-held camera, in the form of diary entries was turned into a documentary.  In these entries, she reflected on her personal life and career. The documentary  reveals an ire experience that is worth checking out.


Are there any other groups or artists today that are similar to TLC, with regard to their message to young women?