Pursuit of LOVE

God is Love

Sooo… what is this thing called love?!? My virtual friend Rob Taylor says on his blog that “Unconditional love is a force of influence; a form of energy so intense that any opposing forces (hate, anger, violence, etc) are powerless against it.” 

I believe that loving myself will strengthen my ability to see the God in me, allowing me to connect with others through seeing myself in them. Deepening my understanding of  love on the journey to uncovering the answers to 3 essential questions…

1. Who am I ?

2. What is love?

3. How can I give back to my community?

 Much ♥ 




    1. Thank you for allowing me the chance to clarify Katherine… For me personally, as a 26 year old Black mother, I see how the lack of love in the Black community, specifically in Madison WI has left many broken and searching. Single parent homes has become an epidemic for the Black family, and being blessed to have both of my parents love, support an guide me through my journey has provided me clarity to see that I have been called to do the same for others that identify like myself.

      My passion and purpose is to share my journey of self love with other black girls so that they can begin to have awareness and enlightenment on their journey!

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