Lala’s Mama

lol..give me a break! I was 9 months

3  of the  greatest gifts … 

  1. Being born
  2. Realizing why you were born
  3. Giving Birth

I would have never believed that I would be a single, not sure of her next move, “baby mama” at the age of 24.  Especially considering the fact that my first pregnancy was when I was 17 years old …  Back then I promised myself I would’t conceive another life until I was “ready”! Life has a way of saying ready or not her I come…

New born...Day1

Well … that is my reality and I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could.  I believe  the sum of my experiences shapes who I am, for what I choose,  to be for the better. Most folks may not see me as “ready” to be a parent. But lucky for me I am NOT most folks, nor is the way I define preparedness of motherhood like your average.

reflecting :)

To me, being a parent is about being the example and setting a standard for your child to surpass. I may not have everything I want, or be exactly where I want in to be in my life. BUT I am consciously and diligently reflecting, learning and growing in every moment to moment that I exist. I have accomplished what I believe are the  3 greatest gifts in life and my mission from here on out is to fulfill my purpose of inspiring and motivating young brown beauties to love themselves, set goals and continuously elevate on this journey called life.

mini me

Being a mom isn’t what I do, its who I am ….failure is not an option.

Blood of a Badger!

Blood of a Badger!

My legacy, my love, my life … Alana Ciara Timmons

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