New year… New me

The new year for me, represents a time to REFLECT on how I have elevated my self during the past year and a time to ENVISION how I will be my best-self in the coming year!

*snippet* Reflection Of My Elevation: I started 2013 out grateful for a much needed job!  As the year progressed I desired not just a J.O.B but work that was fulfilling…The search began and a little after my birthday I started working at my alma mater LaFollette High school. It’s been sort of twighlightish, but pretty cool non the less.

Noticing: My balance shifted significantly from the job change and because of that many areas in my life were neglected or scarified in the midst of my juggling act. Through my reflection this is an area that will be a priority focus in the coming year.

Envisioning My Best-Self:  For 2014 “I’m goin in” and being smarter not working harder about manifesting my best-self…I have my warrior paint on and I’m F.O.C.U.S.E.D- Following on course until successful!  This year my goal is to put practical theories  of ways to better the self to the test. I will create a vision wall to provide direction and be clear about what I would like to holistically accomplish this year. The plan is to create new habits and set weekly goals to focus on my present self! 

What steps did you take to make this year your best year? 

One love PhenMeJMarie

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