Dream Boards are WACK

My 2012 Vision Boardvision board

If your like me, I was in LOVE with dream boards before I realized they were only part of the process. In order to make a dream reality, we must set goals!

Goals are essentially an action plan to make your dreams come true

I learned this from Ms. Shanell cooper Sykes on her AMAZING “Secrets of Dreamer” 7 day journey. Let her tell you in her own words why exactly vision boards are useless!!!! 

Here are some pics of my F.O.C.U.S board ….make your own so you can Follow On Course Until Successful 🙂


My Focus board is on top of my 2012 vision board in my room to remind me every morning and night to stay focused!

 Feel free to ask me details about my board or help getting started with your own



  1. This is so true. I had a vision board for years. It became just a craft project until I started putting mini outlines of how I was going to achieve the goals that underneath the image that represented them. Then I was able to replace those images with my own achievements. Instead of having a picture of a woman with a toned body, have an action plan and then slap your own picture on the board once you have toned your body.

    1. RIGHT! I love having my action plan on top of my vision board. It shows how our actions can manifest our desires. Do you have any pics of your vision/action bored? I would love to see it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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