“Bag Lady”


Life Baggage: As a metaphorical image, it is that of carrying all the disappointments, wrongs, and trauma of the past around with one in a heavy load

* This part of the journey requires complete honesty, a willingness to dig deep and  possibly a trusted friend (other than your partner or spouse) or therapist/counselor.

Acknowledge the feelings: What experiences have caused us pain, hurt you and or left us emotionally and or mentally bruised? Many of our issues are often from our child hood.  Use the example from this  Emotional wellness past post to help with this process

  •  Abused
  • Neglected
  • Abandoned
  • Dishonest
  • Shamed
  • Guilty

Face Issues: Examine how our baggage has manifested in our life.

  • Is our temper a danger to urself or others
  • Trust issues, do we have unhealthy relationships
  • Addictions, drugs, shopping, attention

Change the value: When we put importance on something we give it value. By placing value on how we can grow and better ourself from the baggage instead of focusing on the baggage itself,  then it becomes a powerful tool in freeing ourself. (Part of this requires us to stop telling the same story that caused us baggage over and over again)

  •  A reminder of how I will never be treated again
  • Motivation to do something positive
  • Appreciation for making it through
  • Admiration for resilience

FOGIVE: It is crucial that you reach a point where you can truly let go of the hurt that you have experienced. “No matter how violent it was, how deep it was, how prolonged it was, no matter how much affect there’s been on your life, if you do not extend forgiveness, you are the person stuck with the bitterness and revenge,”  Letting go is not easy and a person may not deserve it and may not even ask for it, but you should extend forgiveness because of what it will do for you.” this includes forgiving yourself if needed.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”





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