In my struggle to choose between talking care of my hair (which has been seriously neglected) or doing the  “30 day challenge”, I realized that  The Natural Hair Journey is very similar to the Self-Love Journey :0

Both Journeys Require

  • Being ready…Researching to know what y0u’r getting into
  • Making a commitment…Making sure your in it for the long haul
  • Investing daily time…Turning daily care into a lifestyle, not a task
  • Being patient with the process…Patience is a virtue
  • Taking care of YOU….The ultimate goal

Enjoy a glimps into my Natural Hair & Self- Love Journey!

The key to both is that it’s a UNIQUE journey…For anyone interested in the Natural Hair journey …lets support, encourage and share with one another on the FB group for the purpose of the common goal, but understand and appreciate that the journey is our own.





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