Life Work: Emotional Wellness

DAY TWO: July 9th

emotional wellness

Life Work: Day 2- Emotional Wellness 

Today its time to dig deep…yes already, go big or go home right! So go to that place that hurts, that you don’t talk about, that evokes an emotional response just thinking about it…allow yourself to go there, be vulnerable and feel.  

Tip* I started this life work by just centering myself by just being still and quite, and asked  my God to provide me with what I needed to open up and be real, with me. 

My life work reflection: I was taken to the place of guilt, hurt and shame of having my 2nd…yes 2nd  unplanned pregnancy. I caught the emotional unload on video (vulnerability at its best video coming soon as I figure out I movie) and was surprised how emotional I really was about the situation. I love being a solo mama, probably way more then most, but the reality of how my actions will affect my daughter is extremely difficult for me to handle. In retrospect I believe I had some trauma from having an abortion at 17, which led to a “F the free world” kinda attitude or the phrase that was used to describe me more then a few times “cold hearted”. I was mad with  friends, my boyfriend, and anyone else who couldn’t “fix” the situation I had created. It wasn’t until I was able to accept responsibility and truly hold myself accountable that I began to heal and feel again.

I am learning that the longer you wear the “mask” the harder it is to take it off. (hence why I want youth to know this stuff now) I am relearning how to feel again and it feels so good! It’s a process but I’m committed to loving myself so hard,  you gon think I was a Cancer… A lil zodiac humor 🙂

OK nough of this soft stuff… your turn…and remember tears are just words your heart cant say!




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