Life Work: Physical Wellness

DAY ONE: July 8th

physical Wellness


Today is simple, all we are doing is taking a good look in the mirror! For me this took about 30 minutes, as I listened to “Reflection” sung by Christina Aguilera on repeat lol. I started with the top of my hair to the bottom of my  toes. I stood in the mirror in my birthday suite and took a good, long, hard look at ME. 

I tried to set the tone by lightning some candelas and dimming the lights…then I realized that I couldn’t really see myself and turned on my mega light to get the full effect. I cleaned my double sided mirror spotless and turned on my song….

Some of my thoughts during this physical assessment  process

My cheeks… no my whole face is so round, I look so young,  the complexion of my skin makes me proud, motherhood gave me dark circles under my eyes, I remember the fight that caused the scars on my face, I want invisalign for this overbite, loving my pearly whites, my shoulder tattoo makes me proud, I think its kinda dope how you can see blonde hair on my arms in the light, giving birth has allowed me to love my body even if its not exactly in ideal shape, stretch marks and all,   being preggo disrespected the “girls” in a way I was not aware was possible, Sit ups will become apart of this journey,I like the way my hands look, but not the way they operate, my pinky is always sticking out when I hold things and my thumbs curve backwards,  my legs are like tree stumps, I remember being called kankals for having such fat ankles….it hurt at the time but its kinda funny now lol, my big toe is long but I have cute feet!

This was one of my fav singers back in middle school (don’t hate on Ms. Tina or Mulan, just listen to the lyrics)

BONUS*: Find a private place and feel yourself…not physically lol. But play a song that turns you up and get it in. Preferably this should also be done in the mirror but if not thats ok. The point is to just get in your zone and feel your self like my boy B.o.b. 


  • Mirror
  • YOU
  • Music

QUESTIONS:  Did you notice anything you never noticed before, or forgot about, did anything surprise you? Were there more positive or negative things that you thought about? What lasting impression of your self are you left with? 

Now its your turn…I see you lookin with ya lookin (self) 🙂  





  1. That was deep. I learned some things, and found out new things about you that is uniquely you. Both of you!

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