Join the movement!

United colors 19

I am so geeked to start this 30 day challenge in good company 🙂 Before Day 1 has even ended I have some revolutionaries that are down to commit to this challenge with me!!!

If you dare to join the 30 Day Challenge Just do the following 

  1. Come with an open mind and open heart to make a revolutionary change in your life
  2. Get a journal, ipad, phone, laptop, bar napkin…something to document your progress
  3. Do your daily life work assignment and share some or all of your experience from the assignment on the blog or FB page
  4. Do a daily reflection of your day to track your progress and share any interesting insight on the journey (Simply just play your day back to you and journal about it, the things you choose to write about are significant no matter how small.)

Disclaimer: Everyones experience will be different, feel free to tweak/ make adjustments to fit your lifestyle. Use me as a resource to trouble shoot if something isn’t working or resonating with you. Please feel at home in this community. My hope is that this be a place where we can come together for a common goal and support, uplift and encourage one another.


Ps. I will be sharing some resources soon to support you on this journey!




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