The Stunt Epidemic!

WARNING: An epidemic of stunters has been issued!!!

lol ok,  so I was listening to pandora wile cleaning my kitchen and the throwback “Still Fly” came on and it took me back to a conversation my mother and I had not too long ago on the issue of people having caviar taste on a tuna fish budget. It seems like its become the norm, for especially the black community to have the  flyist nails, shoes, hair, fit and whatever other  material possession they desire to flaunt- Regardless of their financial situation.

I think its more of a mentality thing rather then a financial literacy thing. I could go on and on about why, how and where, I believe this stems from ….but Ill save that for some other post.

WIthout further adieu…The jam back in 02 (smh)

Are you a perpetrator or witness of this plague?



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