Month: May 2013

Web Series Review: The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

I was going to write up a post about Awkward Black Girl but I found this post that did a better job then I would have so hear you go! Check out her site too…its pretty interesting!

TeaTime with the Mad Artist


The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl is a popular web series that began on Youtube.  Issae Rae, the main character, creator, and writer of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, is hilarious. She calls attention to the group of women that are often disregarded. Most often black women are stereotyped as sassy, neck-rolling, ghettofied creatures that have no resemblance to me nor my friends.

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This web series breaks that. It is about the life of “J”, an awkward black girl. She’s stuck in a dead-end job in California, writes angry rap lyrics when she’s upset, and just shaved her head. Throughout the series she goes through the troubles of finding friends, dealing with her nemesis, “Nina”, her boss, “Boss Lady”, and juggling her attraction to “White Jay” and Fred, a new coworker introduced at the beginning of the series.


Currently on its second season, Awkward Black Girl has proved to be quite funny…

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“Awkward Black Girl” Flow

AWG flow

I was feeling pretty dang on good Monday…Considering the fact that it was my first day back to work after a 10 day vacation.

I felt so good that my inner lyricist was inspired, and as I sported my Afro I was reminiscent of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” (Created flow on Monday, “video shoot” was on Tuesday, posted blog on wed…hence no fro)

Yes I Rocks that super natural

I see you checkin my physical

I say I’m more type spiritual, like lyrical for ya melodic soul

I know that I’m eccentric, rebellious, magnificent

Straight lovin this Midwestern chick with southern roots

Huxtables, 2 parents and a stable roof

Ms. Evileen turned to a queen

lookin back the piece’s started con-nec-ting

my past is packed, so do stay tuned

Cuz Please belive Ms. pheno-Me’s dreams will come true!

  Love it or hate it its all for fun, now you know what goes through my mind on my lunch breaks 🙂

Cheya! lol

Let me hear some of you hidden flows… Dont be Scured

Im still getting use to this blogging thing…I think I over think my potential post which results in no post at all 😦 So here is something light for the overdue.



Todays Black Girl who Rocks is Ms. Ella Varner. When asked during an interview about something surprising thing that people don’t know about her she revealed that she had been severely bullied. Saying that “people were mean to me most of my life and told me that I sucked”. Her way of dealing with it was to go home and write songs .

“So Fly” is one of my songs where I wrote about an actual situation where I was never going to get this guy’s attention because I didn’t look a certain way at the time. Since that song I have lost weight but I feel like a song like that, everybody, not just women, can relate to. Feeling like you’re not enough no matter what size you are. So if people picked on me or called me fat, I would just make up songs about it.

For all the brown beauties that felt like their looks feel short! Here’s to you boo, because there’s comfort in feeling like your not alone.

Can you relate??